Apple New 2020 Macbook Air

Apple released a new 2020 Macbook Air, the National Bank price is 7999 yuan, this is another update after Apple launched the 2019 Macbook Air last July.

The packaging box of Macbook Air 2020 is the same as the previous generation. They are all pure white-based colors. The product picture on the front shows the side of the notebook, making the white area of ​​the package larger. After opening the package, you can see the real body of the Macbook Air.

The packaging content of the 2020 Macbook Air is also very simple. In addition to the Macbook Air product itself, it also comes with a charger, data cable and product manual. These contents are the same as before.

The appearance of MacBook Air 2020

The appearance of the product continues the previous generation design, which is the same. If you put the two together, it is difficult to see the difference.

MacBook Air 2020 still uses a unique wedge-shaped body design.

The classic Apple Logo on the A-side of the notebook uses a polished metal patch design embedded in the hollow surface. At present, the Mac series products are also of this design, which is very unified.

The B-side display area of ​​the new MacBook Air is also the same as the previous generation. It is covered with a whole glass panel, leaving only a metal welt on the bottom for identifying the word “MacBook Air”. After lighting the screen, although it is not Fullscreen, the screen ratio is still satisfactory.

As for the C side, it is the main difference between the 2020 MacBook Air and the previous generation. This year’s MacBook Air Apple replaced the keyboard with a scissors-type magic keyboard, replacing the troubled butterfly keyboard of the previous generation. The keys of the new scissor keyboard are more prominent than before, and unlike the butterfly keyboard surface, the visual difference between the two is easy to distinguish.

Another point is that the direction key in the lower right corner of the keyboard of the MacBook Air 2020 also adopts the same inverted “T” design as the 16-inch MacBook Pro, reflecting Apple’s unity in the design language of each product line.

The D-side design of the MacBook Air 2020 has not been changed, including four round black rubber feet, and screw holes around the surrounding.

And in terms of interfaces. The 2020 MacBook Air also only has two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports on the left side of the fuselage, and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the right side.

In terms of product size, the new MacBook Air has a width of 30.41 cm, a length of 21.24 cm (8.36 inches), a height of 0.41–1.61 cm, and a weight of 1.29 kg, which is slightly heavier than the previous generation of 1.25 kg.

In terms of price, the new MacBook Air is equipped with a 1.1GHz dual-core 10th-generation Intel Core i3 processor and a 256GB SSD version priced at 7999 yuan, and a 1.1GHz 4-core 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and a 512GB SSD version The price is 9999 yuan.

The new MacBook Air has not changed much from the previous generation, but the overall workmanship quality is still Apple ’s consistently superior level. If you want to buy a thin and light notebook for office this year, the new MacBook Air may be one of your options.

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