Apple iOS 14.5 no longer supports the dual system version update

Apple iOS 14.5

Apple previously added a new feature to the iOS 14.5 system. If the iPhone system is between iOS 14.5 and iOS 14.8, you can receive the latest version of iOS 15 and iOS 14.8.1. Update, users can choose to update the latest version of iOS 14.8.1 or iOS 15 .

Apple has cancelled the dual version update verification function of the iOS 14.5 system. Some users also reported that this feature has been cancelled, and can only receive the push of the official version of iOS 15.2, and iOS 14.8.1 is no longer displayed.

At present, Apple has not explained the reason for canceling this dual-version update function, but it is speculated that it has something to do with the promotion of iOS15’s upgrade rate.

At the beginning of this year, Apple announced that it plans to let users choose to update to iOS 15 after the launch of iOS 15 or stay on the iOS 14 system. The latter will still provide important security updates.

iOS 14.8.1 iOS 15.2


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