Android Auto: New secret modification discovered

A new “Rail Dock” could be found in Android Auto. Google is currently developing Android Auto in the background without telling us a new date for the major update. You missed the summer. Another change has now appeared with the latest beta version, but you can only see it if you activate the new user interface early on.

It was discovered that the new “Rail Dock” taskbar can offer more app icons than before. This goes well with Android Auto’s new approach of enabling more multitasking and giving the user a little more freedom. So far, two icons could always be displayed, now there are probably up to four app icons.

The new design of Android Auto offers more shortcuts to users’ frequently used apps

Colleague Mishaal Rahman has tweaked his Pixel 6 to run Android Auto on a tablet and also has early access to the new Coolwalk interface. That’s why he provides photographic evidence of the latest discovery. In this example, three apps are offered in the dock.

However, I don’t think these adjustments account for Coolwalk’s overall lag. I can imagine more compatibility issues. With the new design, Google wants to ensure that it adapts seamlessly to any screen format. A challenge for the developers.

Still, no info on when Coolwalk will finally be rolled out to users

In the last few days, Android Auto 8.2 came out as a beta, but the new Android Auto design is still not visible to regular users. A few days ago, Google said in a very brief statement that they could not share any new information with us when the new design could finally be rolled out. Anyway, summer is over.


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