Android 11 release date

Android 11

While Apple follows the pattern of reporting another OS in the long stretch of September consistently, Android developers have ensured to reveal a stable version of the new OS in the Q3 stage. Similarly, we can anticipate that the Android 11 OS should be accessible in the Q3 period of the year 2020. The stable version of the OS can be relied upon to begin being released for the devices from Q4 of 2020 and arrive at all the eligible devices inside the initial two months of 2021.

Here is a list of all Android 11 features

  • Mute notifications during recording
  • Improved touch sensitivity
  • Native screen recording
  • Scrolling screenshots
  • Back gesture tweaking
  • Improved support for curved displays
  • AirPlane mode won’t turn off Bluetooth
  • Share menu App pinning
  • Improved notification shade conversations
  • Chat bubbles
  • Dark mode scheduling
  • One time permissions
  • Scoped storage
  • Better handling of older notifications
  • Project mainline enhancements
  • Reverse charging
  • Motion controls for certain phones

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