Battlefield 2042: DICE has strayed too far from the essence of Battlefield for Vince Zampella

One of the problems with Battlefield 2042 is that DICE has strayed too far from the essence of the series. To say this in an interview with Barrons was Vince Zampella, the current head of the franchise, appointed by Electronic Arts after the commercial disaster of the last Battlefield.

Zampella: “I think they’ve strayed a little too far from what Battlefield is. They’ve tried a couple of definitely ambitious things, player count growth, etc, but I think they haven’t spent enough time doing it again which makes it fun.”

According to Zampella, there was goodwill, the idea was not inherently wrong, but the execution was deficient. So his goal is to return Battlefield to its original glory. Who is better than him? We remind you that Zampella is one of the fathers of the Call of Duty series, one of the richest and most disputed videogame franchises in the world.

The project for the relaunch of the franchise moves from several cuts at the top of DICE, as well as to a different development structure, which will involve multiple teams.

The Battlefield 2042 Season Pass 2 was recently launched, giving the game a little luster. The definitive answer, however, should come with Season Pass 3, which should incorporate some historical features of the franchise, including character classes and progression.


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