Xiaomi overtakes Huawei: the new number 3


There is a new number 3 among smartphone manufacturers. Xiaomi has overtaken Huawei and is the new number 3. At least in February.

The US spell is now doing more to Huawei than one might admit. If you had the plan last year to overtake Samsung and become the largest smartphone manufacturer at this time, you now have to look down.

Internationally, Huawei’s sales figures are now likely to have plummeted. The lack of Google services is now taking its toll outside of China. Another major Chinese manufacturer has now seized this opportunity. Because Xiaomi has (yet) no problems with the US government.

And so Apple took advantage of the opportunity in February and is the new number 2. Samsung continues to be in the first place. And probably not much will change in this ranking in the next few months.

Smartphone sales figures for February 2020

  • Samsung – 18.2 million sales
  • Apple – 10.2 million sales
  • Xiaomi – 6.0 million sales
  • Huawei – 5.5 million sales

Xiaomi is now well-positioned internationally. And with the Redmi and Poco brands, you also have devices in the middle class that are extremely successful internationally.

Huawei, on the other hand, will probably no longer play a major role outside of China without Google services, no matter how good the hardware will be. As long as you cannot find an adequate replacement for the Play Store and the important apps, including from Google, sales will continue to decline significantly.

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