Windows 11 2022 version first leak appeared online

Windows 11 2022 version first leak

As per the latest news, Windows 11 adopts an iterative strategy of updating every year, and the 2022 version is currently under intensive development.

According to WL reports, the internal development of the system, code-named Sun Valley 2, will bring many improvements expected by the outside world.

The current official version of Win11 has many “slots”, including the “recommended” content of the start menu that cannot be blocked, and the limited number of APP icons. In addition, the newly added desktop widget function does not support third-party programs, and your options are limited to Microsoft Calendar, Movies and TV, To-Do, etc.

However, the recently updated developer guidance document confirms that Win11 will open support for desktop widgets for third-party programs . Unfortunately, these programs must be developed based on the web, not native Win32 or UWP.

Windows 11 2022 version

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