Video: Google Pixel 4a disassembly

Google Pixel 4a

How well can the new Google Pixel 4a be repaired? The guys from iFixit, who took the smartphone completely apart, now provide the answer.

The professionals at iFixit have published a video on how to dismantle the Pixel 4a. This gives you a good idea of ​​how easy (or difficult) it can be to take the phone apart.

iFixit also advises that this is not a full teardown. It is just a video showing the process of disassembling the phone. Therefore, it is not yet possible to provide a repairability score.

But soon the teardown will be published, iFixit is working on it. But this video now gives a first preview of what to expect. And there are some surprises here. Pixel 4a is said to use the same type of midframe as Pixel 3a from last year. Let’s see what surprises come to light in a complete teardown.

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