This Basic Yet Nifty Feature in iOS is a Life Saver

Nifty Feature in iOS

The primary motivation behind why customers love utilizing an iPhone must be the product experience. The manner in which Apple ties the product and equipment to cooperate consistently baits the vast majority of its client base. In any case, there are many shrouded included in iOS that clients despite everything don’t think about. As of late, we perceived how we can open new connections in Safari with only a solitary tap. This time I am going to enlighten you concerning an extremely fundamental element that clearly numerous clients are ignorant of. Did you realize that you can drag and drop and move various applications immediately on the home screen?

Surfing through Reddit, I found a Redditor, “ShivamB1234”, has shared a screen recording in the iOS subreddit. The video grandstands the component that has been there in the OS since iOS 11. The Redditor shouted in the title of the post asking, “How has nobody at any point known this?”.

Presently, this element is actually an essential one and I am astonished that such a significant number of clients didn’t think about this. The element empowers the client to orchestrate different applications without a moment’s delay as opposed to holding and hauling only each application in turn. It spares a great deal of time when you are masterminding the applications on your home screen.

How to Move Multiple Apps at Once in iOS

  • Enter the “edit icons” screen by tapping and holding any app icon until all the apps start to wiggle.

  • Now, first, grab any app icon to move it around the screen.
  • While holding that app icon, start tapping other desired apps to add them to the stack.
  • You will see a notification badge-like circle indicating the number of apps you are holding.

  • Now, go to the desired location where you want to place the apps and release them.

This way you can re-arrange your apps on the home screen in no time at all.


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