Tesla’s market value exceeds Boeing’s, making it the U.S.’s most valuable industrial company


According to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, the market value of electric car maker Tesla surpassed the aerospace giant Boeing on Wednesday, becoming the highest valued industrial company in the US.

At the close of the US stock market on Wednesday, Tesla reported at 634.23 US dollars, down 11.1 US dollars or 1.72% from the 645.33 US dollars at the close of the previous trading day.

Boeing’s stock closed at $ 189.08 on Wednesday, a sharp drop of $ 41.93, or 18.15%, from the $ 231.01 at the close of the previous trading day.

After the stock price fell, the market value of Tesla and Boeing also shrank. Based on the closing price on Wednesday, Tesla’s market value was 116.945 billion US dollars, and Boeing’s market value was 106.481 billion US dollars. Boeing’s stock price fell by nearly 20%. Since then, it has also been surpassed by Tesla in terms of market value, which is $ 10.464 billion lower than Tesla. Tesla has also become the highest industrial company in the United States by market value.

It is worth noting that a year ago, Boeing’s market value was much higher than Tesla’s. The gap between the two companies in terms of market value was as high as $ 200 billion, but today, Boeing’s market value has shrunk significantly.

Boeing’s market value has shrunk sharply, related to two air crashes of its best-selling model, the Boeing 737 Max. Boeing has also experienced the biggest crisis in the 104-year history, and the current epidemic has affected the global aviation industry. Related Reports indicate that Boeing is preparing a $ 13.8 billion loan to offset some of its potential losses.

Tesla has developed in the past few months. After the Model 3’s production capacity has increased significantly, Tesla’s stock price has also increased significantly. Its stock price has increased by more than 50% this year, and its market value was in January. More than 100 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the first US automaker with a market value of more than 100 billion U.S. dollars, which is higher than the combined market value of two established automakers, Ford and GM. In January, Tesla surpassed Volkswagen for the first time, becoming the second-largest automaker in the world after Toyota.

Tesla’s market value exceeds Boeing, which is also good news for Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk, CEO of SpaceX, is a rival to Boeing in the aerospace field.

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