Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 100x zoom improved

As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers 100x space zoom. Samsung is particularly proud of this and explicitly advertises it. But how good is it really?

There was already a first camera update for the Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra. There were also some improvements to the 100x zoom. But even then you have to realize that it is actually a marketing gimmick.

Because you don’t really need anything like that. You also need a very steady hand, but a tripod would be even better. And let’s be honest, if you look at the pictures of the 100x zoom, they are not really good.

You can’t outsmart physics, not even Samsung. If you really want to capture such distances well in a photo, then you also need a decent camera with a decent lens.

Also interesting is a video from the Wall Street Journal, where you can compare the zoom capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with other smartphones, video cameras, and even professional cameras.

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