Xiaomi Is Launching Power Banks Which Support Fast Charging

The Smartphone Manufacturer company Xiaomi has launched amazing power banks, in the line of power banks Xiaomi has added another product. Xiaomi recently launched a power back with 20,000 mAh battery capacity. the huge capacity is not the only feature in the power bank, the main feature of the device is fast charging. the power back support for 45W dual way fast charging, you can charge the power bank in a faster way and can also charge the other devices with the power bank in a couple of minutes. the power bank also has three ports on it rather than having traditional two ports.

Out of three ports, two ports are USB Type-A port and another port is a USB Type-C port, coming to the charging speed of the ports the Type-C Port can support up to 45W input and can endure 15 Volts on 3 Ampere. coming to other USB Type-A port this can endure up to 18W on input and output both. as the power bank has a USB Type-C port the phone can also be used to smartphone and laptops having type-C ports.

This information was initially spotted by GizmoChina and the report also listed a number of recent laptops that come with a USB Type-C port. 

Similar to the other power banks the power bank has another feature named pass-through charging, what does it mean is the user will be able to charge other devices which charge the power bank itself. coming to the look and the build quality of the power bank, the power bank comes with a glossy finish from the ABS plastic material.



the power back can also be used to charge the low-powered devices like smartwatches. the device has been priced at Rs 2,100 and will be started to roll out for sale in China. there is no assumption on when the company will launch the smartphone in India.