Why PUBG is so popular?

This is one often asked question by those who are either yet to play this game or have already played and are unable to figure out the reason behind the success of this game which was awarded the title of ”Best Multiplayer Game” in 2017.

Before getting into the why’s and how’s, understanding the what Is important. PUBG is a survival shooter battle royale game formally developed by the Bluehole. However, there’s a subsidiary of this company, PUBG Corporation, that is handling and managing the game’s development along with Brendan Greene, the creative director who is known as the PlayerUnknown.

The features

Technically speaking, this game is so full of features that it would take a lot of posts to cover everything about it, so we will only be discussing the main features which have earned the game its fame

Everything is customized: 

PUBG offers all of its players the ability to customize their character, weapons, cosmetic items and miscellaneous bodily gear such as helmets, vests, backpacks and much more. This allows every player to have complete control over all the belongings and the player itself, making it much more fun and easy for everyone to modify the game according to their needs

Cams & Replays:

This is one of the most favorite feature of PUBG players.There are various cams to take advantage of even if you are dead such as the kill-cam to see who killed you and how exactly you died, a spectating camera to check out how your team is doing after your death. The later is only available for team servers. In addition to this, every game is recorded till the player’s death to see and analyze your overall performance in that particular round; an excellent way to learn from your mistakes and become a better player.


PUBG is an excellent game packed with entertainment, fun, challenge, skills, multiple tasking and everything else that you can think of. You can play with your friends, family, relatives and roam around the huge maps, explore together, fight off the enemies and master the game. Besides, with PUBG already released for PS4 since the 7th of December, 2018, you can now enjoy the game on the big screen.