Whatsapp is Working On A New Feature, That Allows Users To Send Multiple Audio Files At Once.

The biggest name in the instant messaging apps, Whatsapp is making some big changes in the app this year.  There are a lot of changes which are gonna to take place in the app, with the new update users will be able to send 30 Audio files at once. the changes were released in WhatsApp beta. so we can say that the audio feature is coming to the normal user in time. This update will be the biggest update from WhatsApp after the pip update.

The new update also said to let user preview the audio file before sending. currently, the app lets you play the audio file when you tap on the audio file, but maybe in future, the WhatsApp will update some UI.

WABetaInfor claimed that the new audio file UI is the part of WhatsApp beta version, but it will take time to release the feature for that non-beta user. it is said that the feature is disabled by default right now, so we couldn't find the section in our beta update.

If the new audio section made available for public, it will surely boost the audio files sharing on the WhatsApp. in November 2018, WhatsApp was also testing a new feature that allows the user to play two messages directly after on finished. so you won't have to tap on the play button for each audio file you receive.  this will help you when you receive two or more voice messages one after another. 

As we mentioned, WhatsApp recently updated its app for all Android users with the anticipated PiP feature. The feature lets users watch the Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube videos they received on WhatsApp in a small window while continue to scroll through conversations simultaneously. This was originally arrived on iPhone and also came to WhatsApp Web last month.

Whatsapp has recently updated the app with a new feature named PIP or picture-in-picture, so when your friend shares a video from youtube, Instagram or any other site you can play the video in a small pop up window, so you won't have to leave the app just to check out the video, you can continue chatting with your friend while the video is playing.