WhatsApp Is adding A Fingerprint Authentication To Protect Your Chats

As we get more into technology, we need more to care about our privacy, When it comes to WhatsApp we all have a lot of chats we don't want to expose it with anyone, till now WhatsApp doesn't have a feature that allows the user to hide the WhatsApp chats. but now it looks like WhatsApp is working on the feature that lets user protect their chat with the fingerprint. 

According to the WABetaInfo, the feature is under development for now, and the feature is disabled by default for not in the 2.19.3 Beta version of the app.  In the report, they have stated that.

"After working to implement Face ID and Touch ID features on iOS (that aren't available yet for development reasons), WhatsApp has finally started to work on the Authentication feature on Android, using your Fingerprint!" 

Once the update made public the feature will be available under Settings -> Account -> Privacy. After the user enables the feature in the app , the chats will are hidden from others to see.

"The user will need to authenticate his identity in order to open WhatsApp (from the app icon, from the notification or from external pickers). It will protect the entire app, so it's not used to lock specific conversations," 

The feature will be accessible in the future for the user who is using Android Marshmallow or newer OS, to use this feature the smartphone must have a fingerprint sensor.