WhatsApp is about to add some features that would transform the way you use the app

The said features were spotted by WABetaInfo and are supposedly set to be added in the next 2.19.10 iOS update; although it's still unclear when this would take place.

Some of the exciting features to look forward to includes; stickers on images, videos and GIFs, as well as a new ‘reply privately’ feature that would be introduced to group chats.

So; Here’s everything you can expect to see in the new update.

Stickers on images, GIFs and Videos 

In the upcoming new update, WhatsApp users will be able to use any sticker on their images, videos and of course, GIFs.

Once users select the multimedia they want to send, they will be able to tap add stickers just by tapping the emoji icon at the top of the screen.

WABetaInfo explained that WhatsApp will present its users with a new redesigned section, where they can choose between Content Stickers, Emojis and Personal Stickers.

A new reply privately feature

As the name implies, the ‘Reply privately’ feature will allow you to reply privately to a message received in a WhatsApp group.

How to do this; hold down the message you would like to reply privately to, and a new ‘reply privately’ option suddenly appear.

Tap on it, and WhatsApp will automatically open a private chat window with that contact.

3D touch actions available for status

If you already have 3D Touch technology enabled on your iPhone, you will soon be able to preview status updates published by your contacts.

According to WABetaInfo In regards to this, when you peek at a status update, WhatsApp won’t send the read receipt. So using this trick, you can invisibly see the first status update without actually sending a read notification.

The Grouped stickers management

Currently, when you currently send two stickers in a chat, WhatsApp will group them in a row.

WhatsApp's new feature will be an absolute game-changer if you are a user that loves Voice Notes

In the new update, you will be able to see ‘Message Info’ for a specific sticker when it is grouped with another one.

You will also be able to forward or delete a single sticker without selecting the other of the pair.