What mouse is best for you

The right kind of mouse can determine a lot about your potential as a gamer. In fact, you could be a much better player than you can ever imagine but could be limited due to a frustratingly slow or nearly dead mouse. Actually, a lot of factors could affect the comfortable experience of gaming. Do you know if you are being affected? Are you really satisfied with the mouse you are using? Not just looks but everything including its sensitivity, shortcut buttons, comfort, connectivity (wired or wireless), battery time (if wireless), DPI (dots per inch for resolution accuracy) and other things?

Here's all you need to know 

Benefits of a Wireless Mouse

  • Needless to mention, it has no wire so no chances of encountering obstructions with its wire, if it had one
  • Can be operated from a decent distance like your couch (handy if you like to game extra comfortably)
  • Ability to place it anywhere. For those of you who have experienced wired mice, you will be aware how painful it is to carefully organize the wire so that it doesn’t get disturbed by anything
  • Provides a better access, allowing you to move it wherever you want
  • Super easy to shift between computers if you wish to use it on your other laptop
  • It just looks a lot better!

Benefits of a Wired Mouse

  • There’s no need to charge or change batteries. Use it for as long as you want without having to worry
  • Some wireless mice do not function while being charged, so this is another reason to have a wired mouse
  • Wired mice are much cheaper than their wireless counterparts. If you are a budget-sensitive gamer, a wired mouse may do the trick for you
  • Better signal transmission and less chances of messing up during a game. If you have ever used a wireless mouse during a moment-intensive game like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Resident Evil and other shooters, you might have at least once experienced a sudden lag or disconnection of your mouse. This is because a wireless mouse is catching signals from the air whereas a wired mouse’ signals travel from within the cord, making it impossible to disconnect unless it’s plugged out.

Making your choice

There are a few factors to consider when trying to determine the best

  • Higher DPI (dots per inch): the more this is, the better the mouse will be at accurately detecting your clicks and processing them at precisely the location at which you clicked
  • Shortcut buttons: some mice have common numerical keys located at their sides to quickly switch weapons in an FPS game and not just switch but also selecting exactly what you want. Now we know you might be wondering what on earth is the mouse wheel for then. Well, you’re right, the mouse wheel is also for this cause but it does not let you choose the frag grenade which may be at number 7 while your primary weapon is number 3. You have to roll three times to get to that grenade and until then your head might be blasted away by a sniper laughing at your sluggish gameplay.
  • More battery time (if wireless): this and the ability to still able to control mouse when its charging are extremely important if you wish to keep up with professional gamers. Imagine having a clan battle ahead in 5 minutes and you excusing out because your mouse is 0% charged. On the other hand and in the same situation, imagine having a mouse which can function while being charged. Corsair Dark Core RGB SE is one of the popular gaming mice that has this disadvantage.