Weed killers

Naturally, Weed killers have both manual and mechanical weeding redundants. The drawback to this feature is the amount of chemical they add to the soil which in the end turns up in our food.

Various kinds of weed killers serve a wide variety of functions. Like in the case of Roundup, it is known to contain 2,4-D and is used to kill broad-leaf plants like dandelions in lawns. Sadly, the Glyphosate contained in Roundup is known to be highly indiscriminative in its action, as it  can end up destroying all types of vegetation around it. 

The World Health Organization voiced out their concern about the cancer likelihood posed by these active elements as well as the surfactants that come along with them. However, the large corporates that control Agriculture industries turn a deaf ear to that.

Still, with carcinogens all around us, avoiding cancer may seem like a lost battle.

To safely kill weeds, we have to first of understudy and learn the natural means of doing it. Better yet, learn about some of the incredible health benefits some of these backyard weeds have. At the end, you could discover that you do not have to kill them after all!