Visage the scariest video game ever

It doesn't matter if you believe it or not, the picture above is not taken from a movie scene but rather the most horrifyingly haunting game of 2018, Visage, developed by the SadSquare Studios.

If you are reading this post, I’m pretty sure you are a horror movies geek! Have you ever felt, while watching a scary movie, mind whispering to the protagonist to check the room on his left instead of right, advising that couple’s daughter to stop exploring that hideous jungle at night, telling that baby not to go inside that dark room? Can you relate?

If you are a rationalist who loves watching horror movies because of the thrill and chills they provide you, here’s what 2018 has for you as a gift to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

A Plot to literally keep you awake

There’s hardly any electricity. Lights are off, darkness has occupied all corners of the house, the walls of which cry of sadness. The atmosphere seems to be lacking of oxygen because your blood pressure is so high that your body is requiring much more oxygen per second than usual and no, the atmosphere is perfectly fine. It’s just this man. A man who has taken the death wish of investigating this horrifyingly haunted house that seems to have something in common with his past. This man is Dwayne and he’s none other than you.

It’s your decision to either bravely uncover the hidden brutal truth behind the history of this malign residence or walk away as a coward, forever stuck in the oblivion of your haunting past.

 The Definition of  Genuine Horror

What comes in your mind when you think about a horror movie? Gore? People popping out of nowhere? Someone knocking on your shoulder with a bloody machete? Or, perhaps, you moving into a new house with your family to live but only to find out that its history is full of horrific past? How about walking into a room and suddenly a dead hanged girl drops down in front of you?

Visage is much more than this. Actually, it is one of those games of the history which can cause a pivotal movement in the horror genre of games and movies. Psychologically torturing scenes, epic and echoing sound effects, amazing graphics, superb story and black clothed people whose faces are not visible, what else can you wish for in a horror game?