Virtual Reality

There's a new hype focused in virtual reality and you may be among those wondering what is going on with this virtual reality stuff.

Possibly, virtual reality (VR) may have made it on to your radar in some way. You may have only heard about it in bits and pieces, or maybe you have tested it by yourself. Whatever the case may be, virtual reality is grouped among the new generations of advanced technology.

So how exactly does it work and what effect does it have on the brain? 

If you are among the group that have tried a virtual reality headset before, you may be shocked to realize that you really don't know so much about it, or what it is really capable of. possible with this technology. 

A great video on YouTube by "the Good stuff" clearly explains all you need to know, taking you into the VR world, carefully exploring its history, psychology and why it is so much fun and popular.

So do you think you would give VR a try?

Now, you may have been deliberating on how isolating virtual reality seems. However, as fun as it is to watch someone crawl around the living room with funny goggles on their face, wouldn’t it be much more fun if more people could be involved and experiencing the same thing at the same time?

A New Generation of VR Uses

The possibilities that this advanced technology presents is really exciting. It provides opportunities for connecting people across cultures and countries, bringing worlds wonders to our individual homes, enriching the teaching power in classrooms, and so much more amazing features.

Furthermore, the most beautiful part of Virtual Reality is that it isn’t just for kids and with the applications still in the early stages, where it would end up taking us is really unimaginable—and sure the most fascinating aspect is the effect this kind of technology will actually have on us in the next 100 years.