Video Games that can actually increase your IQ

We all can attest to the fact that playing video games is both a fun and entertaining activity. We end up doing anything to actually win. Anything, including giving our brains a strenuous workout!

A lot of these activities involve mastering a lot of intellectual and motor skills that are needed to win a game. And as cliche as it might sound, our brains adapt to the pressure by learning and improving our problem-solving abilities and memory. For a minute, let us put aside all stereotypes about the negative effects of gaming and actually focus on how these video games are good for us. We can find improvement in hand-eye coordination, reaction time and pattern discrimination.

Below are trendy game genres and the challenges they present, which forces players brains to adapt, learn, change, and become smarter.


Overwatch is an online multiplayer, team-based, first-person shooter that is set on earth in the near future. This gameplay also pits a diverse cast of fighters with distinct personalities which include scientists, soldiers, mercenaries and other oddballs.

Amongst all its features, Overwatch is packed with intense  action. It requires players to make moment by moment decisions based on positioning, character selection, map layout, abilities, enemy position, and so much more. Available weapons range from realistic handguns to over-the-top futuristic weapons, but the player’s best weapon is actually his brain.

Gameplay involves a lot of fast tactical thinking, decision-making and hand-eye coordination that just have a unique way of sparking attention and improving the players ability to make strategic decisions.

Witcher 3

Finally on our list is Witcher 3! The player is in control of the protagonist, Geralt of Riva, who is a monster hunter known as a Witcher that is on a quest to find his missing adopted daughter.

This game takes the player through an awe-inspiring open world adventure, all the while completing side quests and acquiring experience points and gold that he can use to buy or repair stuff he needs to succeed.

Gameplay requires from the player a lot of coordination and flexibility in the face of constant ever-changing situations. While trying to reach their goal, players learn the importance of efficiency In properly managing resources.

Portal 2

Now, not counting Half-Life, this is Valve’s best game to date. It consists of some of the most innovative puzzles that have ever been designed for a video game! it also has an excellent story and characters that don't give you a chance to feel bored.

The puzzles get exponentially tough and you have time to adapt, learn and progress accordingly. In cases where you can’t solve some part of it, you can cooperate with a friend for a walkthrough, or you can just play in co-op! That is just how great Portal 2 really is! 

The main goal is to escape from an evil lab with the use of just one tool, a portal gun. It creates one blue and one orange portal, only one entry and one exit portal at a time. The game requires its players to plan out their steps to escape traps.  

Also, puzzles can be completed with a number of possible solutions, and the player is required to think and act both creatively and logically. This in turn stimulates all your brain centers; letting you have fun and activating your intellect.