Verizon is set to offer the BlackBerry KEY2 LE to its business owners

In just a few weeks from today, the long awaited BlackBerry KEY2 LE will become available to Verizon Enterprise and also to Small Business customers. As at last year, the QWERTY-packing phone managed to gain support for Verizon’s network, but you could not buy one from the carrier.

Now, the Verizon version will come with 4GB worth of RAM and an expandable 64GB storage. There will also be a hybrid slot dual SIM version.

The KEY2 LE is built basically for business users as it has its main focus on privacy and productivity. The Locker feature helps you to have control about what info is synced with the cloud and what is kept only on the phone. Firefox Focus also enables privacy-focused browsing and its DTEK app continuously scans the phone to identify and mitigate its potential risks.

On the positive side, there is the BlackBerry Hub which helps pool all messages, texts, emails, social network accounts and WhatsApp all into one place. The phone supports dual accounts, which means you can keep your professional and personal Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts totally separate from each other (although, WhatsApp requires the dual SIM model for two accounts).

Verizon is still yet to announce the pricing and launch date of the BlackBerry KEY2 LE.