Top Tycoon Games

Let me let you in on a little secret! Business doesn’t always have to be serious all of the time. Business can also be fun!

In the real world, business has a tight sets of rules that revolve around resource allocation which makes it already some sort of game. Today, it’s pretty easy to bring that world to yourself just by playing one of the many great business tycoon simulations.

Tycoon games also provide different flavors for different folks! There’s Historical business simulation, present day urban planning and science fiction space station businesses. This genre promotes the idea of building either a business or a settlement and managing it till it becomes successful. This list will include games from 2016—2018 and are purely recommendations on the absolute top tycoon games still worth playing till date!

Two Point Hospital

This one really hits the nail on the head. It’s one of the new ones that is really hooking! The theme itself is a very entertaining art and animation style.

Players get to build their own hospital just the way they want it to be, optimize the staff’s workflow and sacrifice efficiency for the sake of better ratings.

The game also requires it’s players to develop their staff’s abilities and train them in a number of traits that can be profitable. If you’re expecting real-world illnesses then be prepared for surprises. A patient with light-headedness is literally one with a lightbulb for a head! A cure includes sending them to a special machine that unscrews the head and attaches a new one.

Each scenario progresses smoothly in a way that doesn’t hurl you into an un-manageable mess and there’s enough training to get you going through the various problems you will meet.


Offworld Trading Company

If you are one that loves trading and manipulating the market, then this is the game for you.

You will have to compete against vicious competitors in producing and selling goods to the growing population while utilizing the black market to gain an edge. This game is also incredibly complex with a massive learning curve, and the satisfaction of dominating your opponents make it worth the while.

Some of the features include; simulating trading markets, allowing true monopolies on resources, forcing conflict and mutual growth with your competitors, and giving you the option of buying out your competitors.

This game has been tagged as one of the most realistic simulations of the 18th century spice trade because of the piracy, domination over governments, monopolization, and vicious competition that it so accurately portrayed.

Planet Coaster

This is a video game that gives its players a new theme park tycoon management scheme. It has three different game modes to enjoy which includes sandbox, challenge and career mode.

Within the sandbox mode, you would be given a plot of land and unlimited funds to enable you craft a theme park of your own design. It could also hand you someone else’s half-built park and the job of saving it from calamity, while the challenge mode gives you a series of tasks to complete in order to earn some money. Challenges offer rewards for making a coaster up to a certain length, or for achieving a particular rating.

Lastly, the career mode. Once again it presents objectives to complete and also gives players an overall scenario to go through; which in turn teaches the fundamentals of the video game.