Top gaming headsets

What’s fun about gaming when you don’t have the right gear? If you wish to enjoy each and every inch of the top games, you need to have the right mouse, keyboard, laptop/computer and the best kind of headsets. To help you out, here are two top headsets of 2018 with their main features pointed out.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

  • It is wireless
  • The headset cushions are made out of AirWeave clothe and memory foam. Both of these are used in the production of mattresses and are a great source of comfort for both your ears and your back, whatever product you buy. The cushions are so light and cozy that after an hour or so you’ll forget that you are even wearing something.
  • The microphone is retractable; it is attached to the headset but has a special storage place from where it can be taken out when required and put back in when not in use.
  • The batter life is extremely long and can easily last up to a maximum of 24 hours.
  • DTS Headphone X software is used that allows you to hear every sound just as if it was in real life. The tiniest of sound details can also be caught with this amazing alternative of Dolby 7.1. In addition, the background and surrounding noises become less to a negligible extent, giving you the ability to easily focus on your game.
  • The headset comes with a set of buttons located on each of the ear pieces. These buttons control essential features of the headset such as the decrement or increment of volume and the turning ON and OFF of the microphone. This is an excellent feature for those who wish to control such features instantly and conveniently.

Astro Gaming A50

  • Wireless feature
  • The ear cups are comfortable to wear, can be closed or opened when required and have the ability to fit perfectly on every size of ear
  • It is equipped with the Dolby 7.1 Virtual Surround which results in the improvement of sound quality and the reduction of background noise
  • This is our favorite one, the Astro Gaming A50 can be usable on every kind of gaming platform. You no longer need to worry about getting a separate headset for PS4 and another one for your PC. This one is an ultimate package!
  • It comes with a detachable microphone so you don’t need to worry about one hanging in front of your mouth all the time. An excellent feature that multiplies the convenience factor.

Corsair Void Pro RGB

  • It is wireless
  • Has the ability to operate from an exceptionally large distance (upto 40 ft. from the point of connection)
  • Equipped with Advanced Dolby 7.1 Virtual Surround to increase the sound quality and reduce the background noise to a very minimal level
  • Excellent battery life of up to a maximum of 16 hours
  • Headset cushions are made out of memory foam which is extremely comfortable to wear and does not irritate even if you are gaming the entire day. 
  • It comes with its own configuration settings to adjust all the possible sound options to your ideal level. This is a really great feature for those who like to modify things to suit their needs.