The Galaxy Note 9 VS IPhone XS MAX

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy Note 9 is the best phone for business. Everything Samsung included in this stunning device makes it totally worth the hype. 

The Galaxy Note 9 improves upon the Note 8 with a Bluetooth S Pen, more internal capacity and RAM, 4,000 mAh battery, better dual rear cameras along with some software intelligence, enhanced audio capability, and finally a new placement of the rear fingerprint scanner.

This smartphone continues to have all the excellent Galaxy Foundation aspects such as a high level of water resistance, fast wireless charging, a stunning Super AMOLED screen, expandable microSD storage, a 3.5mm headset jack, and much more. In addition, extending it to an external monitor with Samsung DeX is quick and easy, while also providing a full functioning desktop experience. 

Finally, with a large capacity microSD card you could actually have more than 1TB in the palm of your hand.

IPhone XS Max

Apple pushed the entry-level price of a flagship up to $1,000 last year with the iPhone X and raised the bar again this year with the most expensive flagship available in the iPhone XS Max. 

It is the small size of the iPhone X and one of the primary reasons it will earn a place in your pocket. The Apple iPhone XS Max has been shown to best all other phones in benchmarking testing and the Apple A12 Bionic chip-set certainly blazes new trails. It has a fabulous OLED screen, good sized battery, and new camera software to make it a very compelling flagship.

The Max starts at $1,099 for a minimal storage 64GB model and runs up to $1,449 for the 512GB model.

Best features

Best storage capacity: Samsung Galaxy S9

Display size and quantity: DRAW. 

Camera: iPhone XS Max

Performance and battery life: iPhone XS Max


The rival phones are just too closely related and therefore the verdict ultimately depends on the individual requirements. 

Best bet is to figure out which aspects of the phone are more important to you and buy based on that personal criteria.