The Smartphone With 48 Megapixels Camera, all Set to Be Launched in January

In the Photoholic world, a good camera is something we look for before buying any smartphone. there are many smartphones with 13,18,24 Megapixel, but this time Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, Xaomi is all set to launch a smartphone with 48 MegaPixel Camera, yes you read it right, its 48 Megapixel camera. the smartphone can revel on 10 Jan officially. as of now, there is no official confirmation about it. 

The xaomi president had already posted a photo a few days back which appeared to be taken from 48 Megapixel camera. so if xaomi launch this camera, Xaomi will become the first smartphone manufacturer to launch such powerful camera. 

Xaomi haven't revealed any detail about the camera, but we are excepting to launch this phone in January. after launching this the phone will become the phone with largest camera pixel, Huawei Mate Pro and P20 Pro are already there with 40 megapixels. 

According to the picture posted by the xaomi president, the smartphone will have a verticle camera with a led flash. now it will be amazing to see how much sensors it will fit in the smartphone, there is no other detail about the smartphone except for the camera