The safest and least safe cars of 2018

This 2018, Euro NCAP has tested the safety of 23 cars and while some of the results were expected, some of them are really shocking. However like any other test result there is the best and the worst. Euro NCAP's ratings are in stars, with five been the highest and in four different categories: Adult occupant protection; based on frontal and side collisions with a stationary or moving body, response of automatic brakes, whiplash measurements, Child occupant protection; mostly on the restraint features and ability to attach child safety seats, Vunerable road users protection; focuses on the protection of other road users like pedestrians and cyclists, and Safety assist; ability of the car to provide safety in the course of a collision.

The worst

Fiat Panda

Rated at zero stars, the Fiat Panda is the least protective of all the cars that were tested. The model tested was the Fiat Panda Easy 1.2 Fire, a supermini released in 2018 with a kerb weight of 940kg. It was observed to offer very little protection in the face of an accident. And though Euro NCAP tested only this model of the Fiat Panda, the results affect each and every one of their currently available models. Basically, the results found adult occupant protection at 45%, child occupant protection at such a shockingly low percent as 16%, those under the vulnerable road users were 47% protected, the last and least, safety assist, was reportedly found to be at 7%.

The best


Mercedes-Benz ought to be extremely proud of their achievement of making the safest car currently available. The small family car of model Mercedes-Benz A 180d was rewarded five stars by EuroNCAP. Whether in the case of a head on collision with another car or a stationary pole or even a pedestrian, this car with a kerb weight of 1445kg, proved to offer utmost safety of everyone involved in the accident. It had adult occupant protection at 96%, child occupant protection at 91%, vulnerable road users at 92%, and safety assist at 75%. 

EuroNCAP plans on running another test in 2019 and hopefully will get even better results.