The Nokia 8 Sirocco is finally getting the Android 9 Pie update

Nokia's 8 Sirocco finally gets a stable release of the Android 9 Pie update. It brings the mobile the new gesture navigation, slices, app actions and also adds an Adaptive Battery and adaptive screen brightness level to significantly improve battery life.

We can not that all of these are of course the standard features of Pie. They fully lean on machinery that learn to predict what you will do next and apps you will use to speed up operations and also improve efficiency. Digital wellbeing features are also included.

The update also bumps up the previous security patch to December 2018 (Google also released the January 2019 patch for Pixel 3 phones only a couple of days ago).

Pie update for the Sirocco, HMD’s de facto flagship, was originally scheduled for the month of November last year, but got delayed for some reason, and Beta testing eventually started in December.