The dangers of canned food

Most of us find the convenience of canned goods very hard to resist. Now, am not saying they are not healthy but they can also be dangerous. The Vacuum sealing in metal containers lined with plastic coating allayed the fears of contamination with heavy metals from the cans and also the use of harmful chemical preservatives, although it has raised brand new concerns. The plastic lining of Bisphenol A is implicated with hormonal disturbances and disorders as well as DNA changes that resulted in breast cancer.

There is need to completely eliminate canned foods. if you are looking for your favorite tomato sauce, use the ones in glass jars instead of cans.  Don’t even think about consuming vegetables or grains in cans, simply buy the fresh ones to avoid the risk of developing many chronic diseases. Cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, nervous system disorder and Alzheimer’s all come down to consuming these altered foods. All in all, the best best is to totally and completely stick to whole foods is always best.