The Chrome OS Will Block The USB Ports, While Device Is Locked

Malicious Security is a big issue nowadays, and every gadget making company is trying to make their device as secure as they can. so Google is also adding a new feature named USBGuard in the chrome os. The new feature will lock the USB ports when the device is locked, not physically but with software.

Many times we leave the device on the table at the office while grabbing a coffee, and any person can inject any malicious software in your Chromebook without having to access to it. to prevent this google is working on the new feature for the Chromebook. when you lock the device it will automatically block all the USB ports to even if someone inserts a USB device, it won't be able to connect with the computer until the device is unlocked with password or pin.

This feature won't affect the device, which was plugged in while the device was unlocked, for example, if you are copying files from a hard drive, and if you lock the device, the process will continue, the new feature won't block the ports which are already in use.

In the latest Canary Channel update, the new flag is already available with this text. 


Prevents newly connected USB devices from operating at the lock screen until Chrome OS is unlocked to protect against malicious USB devices. Already connected USB devices will continue to function. – Chrome OS