Smart School Uniform for kids, to Prevent them from Bunking class

No one likes to go to school, But education is something which opens doors for unlimited opportunities. When someone is in an early phase of like, it's better to seed some better habits for a brighter future. Nowadays many kids go to school but they don't reach there, to overcome this problem, China has invented a new smart uniform for kids, which let teachers and parents keep track of the student. 

The washable uniform has a chip on the shoulder which helps schools and parents to keep track of the student. if he is reaching school or where he is going. it encourages a better attendance rate. 

It not only the smart uniform, but there are also face recognition cameras equipped with special technology which make sure that there is no proxy attendance or only the right student is wearing the uniform. if some bad boy tries to cheat the system, it immediately notifies to the administrator. 

The uniform is washable and can endure up to 150 Celsius. with this feature, the uniform also notify is the student sleeps in class and said to also help make payments.