Samsung TV speculated to include Google Assistant

Reports state that Samsung is planning on integrating Google Assistant into their TVs. Ever since the release of their voice assistant, Bixby, Samsung has managed to add it to all their electronics including their current TVs. However, Bixby's reach is not as widely spread as Google Assistant's, which was declared as the most accurate, seeing as Bixby is unable to access third party applications.

According to Variety, Samsung may announce its plans for their TVs next month in CES 2019. And not only have they upgraded the TVs voice assistant but they have also programmed the TVs to adapt their sound to the audio of the room they are in.

Integrating the voice assistant after LG did, Samsung seems to be successfully challenging its competition. LG in 2018 integrated both Google Assistant and Alexa and has managed to adapt to assistant to meet its software, allowing their software to handle the universal search on their TVs, as Variety points out. 

Although how samsung TVs will utilise the Google Assistant yet to be understood completely, Variety suggests a similarity between the function in LG TVs and the new Samsung TVs.

It is all not clear exactly how Google Assistant will work on the TVs, but reports suggests that it will function similarly to how it does on LG TVs, which added support for both Google Assistant and Alexa in 2018. Voice assistants can also be used to control the TV directly—to change the volume or switch inputs for example and to control other Google Assistant compatible devices, or to ask more general queries about topics such as the weather. 

The addition of Google Assistant is a significant shift for Samsung, which is known as the world’s biggest seller of TVs. 

The company is expected to announce its 2019 TV lineup at the big CES 2019 tech show scheduled in January.