Samsung Showcased 219-Inch LED TV At CES 2019, With Support for Smart Assistant

Bigger and thinner Tv's are in the trend, last year LG came up with a 146-Inch LED Tv, and so this year the Korean tech giant Samsung showcased a 219-Inch Led Tv the CES. The main quality of the TV is its micro led Panel, the TV is much thinner and much larger to fit in a home. Comparing to LG TV showcased last year, Samsung is much ahead in the terms of technology, the Samsung Tv will work with google assistant and amazon Alexa. So if you have a smart assistant at your home, it will be fun to use the TV  with your voice.

The Big 219-Inch Tv is showcasing the possibilities in terms of resolution and size you can get with the MicroLED technology. 219-Inch is not the only variant Samsung showcased, Samsung also showcased the 76-Inch variant of the TV, which support 4K resolution, But if you want to buy the Tv, Samsung has not revealed anything related to the price of the TV. 

That's not it. After making the surprise announcement of partnering with Apple to offer iTunes movies and television shows on via a smart TV app, the company has also announced support for Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa for voice inputs. There is however a catch - users will reportedly need to own a supporting smart device that's capable of taking voice inputs, like a Google Home or an Amazon Echo speaker.

After partnering with Apple to offer content from iTunes on the Smart TV App, Samsung has also announced support for Google assistant and amazon Alexa for smart control.  But to do this, the user will need to buy one of the supporting devices for that. 

But as we all know Samsung has its own smart assistance, that Bixby, so if you don't have Amazon Alexa or google home, and you don't either want to but any of them, you can input voice command to the smart tv with the help of Bixby, which is already built in to the smartTV.