Samsung is working on small smart speaker powered by Bixby.

While Amazon's Alexa and google home are making their places in homes, The future belongs to smart homes, when you can control your home appliances from anywhere in the globe and can ask for help in cooking from a speaker sitting on the table. Now Samsung is all ready to make its way to smart home market with a small smart speaker powered by Bixby. while Samsung has announced a smart speaker worth $349, Samsung is also working on a newer speaker which will cost around $200.

We are not sure about the features of the smart speakers, but it is supposed to run on Bixby, a digital assistant by Samsung. According to reports, the mini speaker will have fewer microphone than of Samsung Galaxy home.  and may lack a subwoofer. The Galaxy home which was launched on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch event will have approx 8 microphones in it.

With the three metal legs, the Galaxy home looks very classic, wrapped in fine fabric it will give stunning look to your home.  the three lags make sure that the device can be put on any place at home with stability, while the mini speaker will be just a speaker like Alexa or google home, so it can only be put on a table.