Samsung May Have Sound On Display Technology in Galaxy S10, With Some Other Technology.

Before a flagship enters the market, there are a bunch of rumours floating around. from the pool of the hot rumours about Samsun Galaxy S10, the hottest rumours are that the device will come with the same selfie camera animation that was in A8S. There are already some rumours reported that the S10 will have infinity-O display panel with cutout for the selfie camera, the rumours also say that the Galaxy S10 will support selfie gestures, even when the phone is locked. and the hottest from all of this is that the device will directly produce sound from the screen, Samsung may unveil SOD(Sound On Display) OLED panels in CES 2019.

Along with all the beautiful animations, the camera ring on front camera will also glow when the device will successfully be unlocked with face recognition.  the camera ring may also glow when the user activates the camera. 

Both of the technology Gestures and the LED ring around the camera are available in A8s, with Galaxy S10, this will get much modified as it is the flagship device for the Korean tech giant.

Apart from the camera and gesture, Samsung S10 is also reported to produce sound directly from the screen, if this happens user will get new sound experience. Samsung is said to launch this technology at CES 2019