Relience JIo is Blocking Proxy Sites in India

In the long list of banned sites from Jio, Now India's third largest company is blocking proxy websites in India. After banning some websites in India people were taking help of manipulation geo locations and access banned sites. Now it looks like this is gonna to be end soon, jio has started blocking the proxy websites on its network.

According to a report, the first event about blocking proxies was found in a Reddit thread, the thread was started by a user named Alpha-Grizzly, stating that that reliance Jio was blocking proxy website like, and after that many users replied to the thread having the same issue.

After testing with some sites we found that Jio has already banned the most popular proxy websites, while the VPN services were working fine. The proxy sites are not yet banned by other network providers. 

So as proxy websites can be accessed by other networks, so jio is the one who is blocking the proxy websites. the Proxy banning seems to be independent to any government order. as there were no official statements about them so no one knows the exact reasons behind some sites ban in the country.

Apar Gupta, executive director of Internet Freedom Foundation, has stated that the Blocking of the proxy can be a violates of a core principle of Net Neutrality, that the ISP should not interfere with what the user wants to access.