People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Humans are an incredible species that continue to evolve and change basically at a visible pace. We have extraordinary skills that continue to grow and develop and are also the only species that physically have the most extraordinary defects. Many people are born with unique skills or a unique physical form. 

Here are a few people you won’t believe actually exist, who stand out amongst the crowd.

The Woman with the World’s Smallest Waist

Have you ever wanted a smaller waist? How about just a few inches off the sides? Well this amazing woman by the name of Michele Kobke is a Gunnies World record holder for the world’s current smallest female waist. The 26-year old German proudly claims a 16-inch waist! Michele was able to bring her waist size from 25 inches to 16 inches over the span of a few years by constantly wearing a binding waist corset that was slowly taken in over time.

The Man who Never Bathes

We all know someone, or have met someone who isn’t into personal hygiene routines. Either they don’t shower often, or they just don’t wash themselves well. Amoo Hadji from Iran took a lack of personal hygiene to a whole new level; he hasn’t bathed in 60 years! That’s right 60 years. Amoo is a lonely nomad that travels the cities and deserts smoking animal fecal matter. 

Stig Severinsen

How long can you hold your breath for? 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes? Everyone played that game in the pool where you and your friends go under the water and see who can hold their breath the longest.  We all cheated and went back down to make sure our friends didn’t see. It was an innocent game, something fun. Stig Severinsen would have been the one friend who always won. Stig Severinsen was awarded the Guinness World Record for the longest held breath voluntarily by a male. He lasted a total of 22 minutes in 30 degrees Celsius water. Stig is said to have practiced for the challenge by starting in increments of 5 minutes and slowly working his way up.

The Half Headed Man

Have you ever had a moment where you thought to yourself, where did the other half of my brain go? No? Well Carlos Rodrigues sure did. Carlos is affectionately known as the man with half a brain (queue Wizard of Oz music where the scarecrow sings about having a brain), and “Half-Skull”. After a brutal car accident, Carlos was left with a major skull fracture and sever bleeding in the brain. Surgeons had no options other than to remove part of his skull, and brain matter, to allow for sufficient swelling so that the brain could begin to heal itself again. The most extraordinary thing is that he has complete and normal function of his body. 

The Indian Boy with Gigantic Hands 

Have you ever compared hand sizes with a friend? Or perhaps you were just noticing the fact that your hands look quite small or quite big.  Well your hands will never feel any smaller when compared to our next extraordinary person. 8-year-old Kaleem from India has some of the largest hands on the plant. Kaleem was born with hands twice the size of a normal new born and they have never stopped growing. His hands weigh a total of 28 pounds and are 13 inches, each, from palm to finger tips. 

The World’s Hairiest Man 

We all have unsightly hair on our bodies that at times we want to pluck, wax or shave. Sometimes we even go to the extremes to have it lazar removed to permanently get rid of it. However there are some who are hairy and don’t care-y. Yu Zhenhuan from China is one of those people. Yu was given the title of hairiest man on Earth from the Guniness Book of World records. His body is almost completely covered in black hair, boasting 96% of his body being completely covered. Yu is said to have 41 hairs per square centimeter of skin on his body. Yu isn’t just a very hairy man, he is also a professional rock singer, and sings and travels through Asia in a band.