LG is launching a smart watch with a camera

The idea we all got ever since the first Samsung Gear was launched was that a smart watchs don't need cameras. 

If we being fair, some smart watches kids use these days have cameras but we are currently talking about this in terms of the mass market consumers. However, this ideology could change with time especially if we look at it from LG’s point of view.

The patent clearly makes reference to a “mobile terminal” features, which in turn indicates cellular connectivity. What all this means is, LG plans to give us a camera on a smart watch and are presenting different ways to approach it. In simple terms, the user has the option oto conveniently adjust the angle of the camera in relation to the body of the watch body without their having to turn the watch wrist in a weird direction to us it.

There are several representations of how this might look. It would include an adjustable wrist band to easily angle the camera, a metal link version of the watch band with having an integrated camera, and a camera with a spring clip that you can place anywhere along the watch band.

However, putting a camera on your wrist is one side of the coin and wondering how you could possibly take photos stealthily and discreetly of someone or something is another.