Klopp questions importance of trophies

In response to opposition manager Jose Mourinho's remarks, Jurgen Klopp has insisted winning trophies is not everything, as his table-topping side prepare to face Manchester United. Liverpool will enter the contest with their bitter rivals as favourites.

The statement Jose Mourinho made was targeted at the importance of winning trophies. "I think trophies matter, yeah," Mourinho had said. "I think it matters especially when you have the potential to fight for trophies and when you clearly say the objective is to win the trophies."

"I think sometimes just to say it is not very intelligent. But when you have the potential you have nothing to hide. I don't read much but I think they (they meaning Liverpool) have said that their objective is to win the Premier League."

Klopp was not in support. In response to the remarks, he questioned whether the winning of trophies was the be all and end all of the job. "No that's true but do I have to? Do I have to win it?" he said to the Telegraph.

"People might remember that but what I have to do is make the best of the things the club is offering me—that is what I believe in. If people say the Champions League campaign last season was not a success because we didn't win the final then I cannot change that. Is the finish successful? No, but the ride was brilliant. I enjoyed it a lot."

"The pressure is from outside, people saying if I don't win silverware then I have to leave. In the moment you find someone who can do the job better you have to take him."

Although Klopp's side remain the only unbeaten team in the league this season, the German has yet to clinch an honour in his three years on Merseyside.