iPhone XS Caught Fire And Expoded In Ohio

We often come up with news about some smartphone catching fire, but when the news is about a company which claims to make the best smartphones, that is not something we are fond of. A man named Josh Hillard, from Ohio, United States has claimed that his new iPhone XS, caught fire and exploded in his pants. 

Hillard claimed that he felt some heat and noticed smoke coming out from his iPhone XS, also he felt burning on his skin. Then he rushed out, took off his pants and blow off the fire with a fire extinguisher. 

Later, Hillard reached to the Apple's store with remainings of his iPhone, where he has to answers asked by the manager for approx 20 Minutes and has to wait for 40 more minutes to get his device back, later the store manager told him that they have to send the device to the engineering team for the analysis, and then only he can get the replacement. 

After reaching home Hillard made a call to the Apple care line. Now Hillard has got the replacement but he is not satisfied with it, he is expecting compensation for the damage.  So now he is planning to take some legal actions for the company according to the report.