iPhone XI To Have A Long Distance 3D Camera

Technology is evolving every day, and when it comes to apple, it introduces a breathtaking technology in every iPhone release. following by this trend iPhone XI may have a long distance 3D camera, from reports it is known that Sony is working on this type of on customer demands, and apple probably the customer. Sony will be producing these cameras in mid-2019 to fulfil the demand. The new camera will be a huge change in smartphone photography, gaming and almost in every field. 

According to the rumours, iPhone XI may have Three rear cameras and will be equipped with Augmented reality. Apple is supposed to realise next iPhone in the September month of 2019. according to reports, Apple will use new camera features to draw the attention of its customers.

Rumours are also that Apple planning to launch the first 5G smartphone, powered by Intel's 8161 5G Modem chip. for the tech-giant apple, this may be a little late to launch the 5G phone, as many companies like Samsung, Huwai and Oneplus are planning to launch this type of smartphones in mid-2019.