Huawei Mate 20 Pro in Red and Comet Blue set to arrive this week

About a week аgo, a rumor about Huawei launching a Red and Blue variants of the Mate 20 Pro surfaced. The speculation wavered around the fact that the phone might be scheduled for the Chinese New Year on the 5th of February. However, the company recently revealed that it would be available for pre-order starting on Thursday, January 10. The device can be found listed at Vmall, which is Huawei’s online store, and the price will remain unchanged for both colors (blue and red). 

The Red and Comet Blue Huawei Mate 20 Pro will only be available in China initially but—the new hues—is also expected to eventually storm the global scene as well

Huawei has promised that it follow suit with the new Red and Blue variants, as well as the already available Cherry Pink Mobile. Both versions would have the same price tag of CNY5,999 ($875/€765) for the 8/128 GB memory combination and CNY6,799 ($990/€870) for the 8/256 GB, both with the 6 GB RAM being greyed out at Vmall.