How To Prevent Installing Fraud Apps Like Whatsapp Gold

Whatsapp Gold is in the new again, but this time we don't have to be part of the scam, it's not only the WhatsApp gold, but there are also many apps like that, which claims to offer some really cool feature and actually they are a virus in your phone. But we avoid installing them if we just are a little careful about the app we install in our phone. here are some things to keep in mind before installing any app.

Whatsapp have this little but a amazing feature, which lets you know, if the message was typed or Just forwarded, so if you receive any message which looks spammy, claims to give you a lot after installing the app and comes with a forwarded tag, its time to delete the message, that is a fake or spam app.

WIth WhatsApp anyone who has your contact number he or she can send anything to you, and so there are bots which are doing the stuff. the people who conduct the fraud can use this feature to add you in any unwanted group or sending malicious files. so the advice is never to open anything sent by the unknown number, and never ever so visit the link if they have sent.

The best advice is only to install and update the app from play store, WhatsApp or any legal company never asks you to download any app from external websites. WhatsApp never messages anyone, and even if they have to send you any message they won't send it as forward by any other person.

Last but not least, if anyone sends you such spammy messages, don't forget to report it to the WhatsApp. and if possible block the person who sends you such things, prevention is always better than cure.