How To Create New Year Sticker With Your Selfies And Photos On Whatsapp

2018 is gonna to end and we all are ready to welcome 2019 with all the charm, Its a new year so wishing you're loved once a happy new year should be also be new.

Recently WhatsApp has introduced its, sticker feature which lets the user send different pre-designed sticker in their chats. When the feature was launched, there were only a few stickers available out there, but now user can download their favourite stickers from the store, and also there are many third-party stickers provider available for free.

But after all this may be you won't find something hearth winning, and nothing can be better than creating your own stickers and that too with your selfies and images and sharing them with your contacts. it is really gonna to be fun, here is how to do it.

Step 1 :

Open up play store and download an app that allows you to erase the background of an image.

Step 2 :

Now in the background eraser app, open up your favourite image and erase it background and make it look like a sticker.

Step 3:

You will have to create 3 to 4 stickers, as WhatsApp doesn't allow any sticker app that has less than 3 stickers. 

Step 4:

 Now open play store again and install an app named "Personal Sticker For Whatsapp". after installing open the app. 

Step 5:

After Opening the app, give it required permission and it should automatically detect all the new stickers. 

Step 6:

After you see the newly created sticker in the app, tap on the add button beside those stickers in the app. 

Step 7:

Now after adding, if it asks for the confirmation, confirm it. after its done openly any chat in your WhatsApp,  head to sticker and you should find your new sticker there.

Now just tap on those stickers and send your personalised sticker to your loved one and wish them a happy new year.