How Super Mario Can Teach Us To Be More Successful.

What if in our learning process we left no concern for failures? Just how much more could we learn along the way to an end goal?

Well, a former NASA engineer and YouTube star, Mark Rober, uses a well-known classic video game to highlight how we might be able to transform learning for every generation and culture. He refers to it as “The Super Mario Effect.”

The Super Mario Effect could be simply explained as, “Focusing on the Princess and not the pits, to stick with a task and learn more.” In essence, it means (if you aren’t yet well versed in the game) that if we focus solely on the end goal (saving the Princess) instead of focusing on the traps and pits that force us to try again (the challenges that keep us from getting to the next level), then we’ll be more successful.

You might think… another motivational speaker telling you something along the lines of “never give up” and that “determination is key,” but this goes way beyond those tired and over used sayings.

Mark Rober has thought of a brand-new way to help us frame the learning process that eradicates all the shame and multiplies the results.

How to trick the Mind

Rober’s concept of learning new things is actually really fascinating! It appears to boil down to embracing the excitement of experimentation and taking doubt completely off the table: treating every new adventure in learning like a video game. Persuading us to ignore failures and complete the task at hand, no matter how minuscule.