High grossing games of 2018

Below are the number of 2018 amazing gameplays that topped the chart with unbelievable figures of both sales and revenue. 

Red Dead Redemption 2

On October 26, the wait for Rockstar's Western-themed action-adventure which was one of the most hotly-anticipated games of all time was finally over.

Red dead redemption 2 is defined by its incredible level of detail wherein players take charge of the outlaw Arthur Morgan while traversing through five fictitious states in America at the tail end of the 1800s.

The universal acclaim from fans and critics this game got, is likely to have it go down as one of the best and most successful games in history. In eight days, sales topped 15 million copies and last month the company announced sell-through of $725 million during the first three days of its release.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Also released in October, this game is the first Black Ops game since 2015 and 15th installment in the Call of Duty series overall.

In place of a traditional single-player campaign, it focuses is concern on its Multiplayer, Zombie and a new Battle Royale Mode.

According to the publisher, Black Ops 4 made over $500 million during its three-day launch weekend which is half a billion dollars! Little wonder it broke a bunch of digital sales records at launch. This installment has an estimate of 10 million copies sold on its launch weekend with an additional 5 million units through the end of the fourth quarter.

Far Cry 5

Far cry 5 was released at the end of March and received a unanimously good reception as it topped the charts for a total of three successive weeks going into April.

A lot of the reviews praised Far cry 5 for its visuals, soundtrack and open world design and the company declared that the open-world shooter hauled in $310 million during its release week, boosting Ubisoft's annual sales above the $2 billion mark.  The Jefferies Group estimates, suggest that five million copies of Far Cry 5 in its first week. 


Gameplay tells a brand-new Spider-Man story that is unrelated to existing comics and films and  is set in an open-world modern-day New York where players can parkour, web-sling and wall-climb their way around the streets. 

With over 3 million copies sold worldwide, it is already titled as the seventh best-selling PS4 games ever! This title sold 3.3 million copies in its first three days and while Sony did not provide an official number, estimates–with a retail price of $59.99 for the game and the 3.3 million copies— translate to roughly $198 million.

God of War

If you are not familiar with this game, you will definitely recognize the epic looking protagonist from God of War, Kratos from television adverts. This installment won the Game of the year Award this year. 

GOW sold 3.1 Million copies in just three days and the chart later increased to 5 million a month after the game had gone on sale. 

2.1 million of those copies were digital and God of War brought in  $131 million in digital revenue during its launch month.