BrainPort is Helping the Blind See With Their Tongues

What if you found out that there are new innovations that can help millions of people around the world living with a visual impairment to move around with ease? 

As easy as it is to believe, what if you were told that the innovation works by using the surface of the tongue?

Now you just have to agree that this is something that should be celebrated as there is an increasing number of sensory-substitution devices that are being developed and use the brain in the most remarkable ways. These devices take in visual information from the environment and then translate it into forms of physical touch or sound in order for it to be interpreted by the user as vision.

This just proves that the human brain is capable of so much more than we can imagined!

Now seriously, how great is that?

An adventurer by name, Erik Weihenmayer in 2001, climbed the Mount Everest and went down in history as the very first person to complete this grueling task without sight and BrainPort aid.

The way BrainPort works.

Sometime back, a New Yorker published an article by Nicole Twilley. The article contained an interview with Weihenmayer and stated that the man in question had never seen the world particularly well even before he became totally blind and that with the use of BrainPort, he was able to make out similar things to what he used to be able to see. 

Using the BrainPort made him feel like part of the world again. He could now see what his family was doing and without anyone needing to tell him. 

Weihenmayer today is working to make it possible for everyone to live their lives without barriers , with a motto that says, “what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.” 

Technology is designed to add something to our lives, provide ease, break down our barriers, increase efficiency, and also shine light into the dark spaces.

However, this can only happen if we all focus on the fantastic advances that are made by technology, and finding ways to make them easily accessible for those who hold the desire to include these devices in their lives.