Google makes plans to set up a new 584,000 square-foot campus in Los Angeles which will follow its $1 billion investment in New York

The company announced its expansion in L.A. yesterday. It had previously leased out the current site of a shopping mall in West Los Angeles that will eventually turn into a 584,000 square-foot office campus, according to a release by the press.

The move has become the latest office expansion for Google, which announced a $1 billion investment in a new office in New York City just last month. Also, the two companies Amazon and Apple have been expanding their presence outside of the tech hubs of Seattle Silicon Valley, Amazon selected New York City and Northern Viriginia as the sites for its new “headquarters” and Apple announcing its new campus situated in Austin.

The space at Westside Pavilion will be renovated later this year, as Google said in another press release. Roughly speaking,  their 14-year lease would begin after construction is completed on the Westside construction that is scheduled to end in the year 2022.

The Architecture firm Gensler is in charge of designing the space and it will include 45,000 square feet of an expansive exterior terraces and patios which will feature folding glass walls that will eventually convert the space from indoors to outdoors along with a rooftop garden deck.

The announcement declared that the project is targeted at obtaining a LEED Silver certification. Google will also take over the entire office part of the project while the property owners of Hudson Pacific Properties and Macerich will still own and operate a good portion of the mall connected to the office area by a bridge.

Further information on investment or the number of employees expected to work at the new campus is unknown as Google declined to provide further details.