Google Is Testing A New Messaging Feature For Google Maps

We have a lot of instant messaging apps available today, but in the huge list of instant messaging apps, a new name is gonna to be added. Google is testing a new instant messaging feature in Google Maps, yes google is not making any new app but adding the instant messaging feature to google maps app. 

But unlike other messaging apps, it is not to communicate with your friends, but it will let you message to a business owner or we can say it will be work as business communication app. So Now if you want to talk with a business you won't need to call the business and reveal your phone number, but you can chat with any business here. in the updated app you will see a new button on the side menu named "Message". So now next time you are looking for the opening time of the shop, you have another option to ask it directly to the business. 

This new feature is not for communication between friends or making group like WhatsApp, you don't have to worry about getting a lot of messages while navigating to someplace. the business owner will have a choice if they want the customer to send the message to them or not. the feature is not yet launched for all the users, but soon Google will make this update public after some testing. Google is testing the app with a very few customers, so you can also check to update maps if you are one of them.