Google is Offering Free Credits To Selected Users.

In the festival season, where every company is offering something new to its customers, why not the google. So the Biggest search engine is offering free credits to selected users, the users are selected based on their in-app purchase history. so if you often purchase something on google play, you may be the lucky person to get free credits. 

To check if you are getting free credits you will have to open google play store in your android smartphone. and if you are among the lucky customers you will see a yellow banner on the homepage of the store. clicking on this banner will allow the user to shop with the credits, but with lots of terms and conditions. 

This banned has different deals for different users, for example, you may get $5 to spend on any app or game you want to purchase. Clicking on this banner will save the amount automatically to the user's account . for some users, the free credits come with a condition that they can only be used for making a purchase above $20. 

To read about your terms and condition for the free credit, you can click on the banner and it will open up the disclaimer, we advise you to read that so you can use your credits properly. also, here google shows you suggestions for the app you can spend credits on. based on your instaled apps.